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Learn how $tocks Buddy gives you control


Dashboard and Forecast

Set Your Own Forecast Dates

Update your end of day portfolio balance and let Stocks Buddy do the analysis. Each day the tool will report your daily gains, percentage daily gains - all based on active trading days, provide you with an instant view of your stock's current value and likely value over time using forecast dates you choose. Stocks Buddy is smart enough to adjust for public holidays that you can define.


Daily Portfolio Analysis

Log your daily portfolio balance

$TOCKS BUDDY comes in three regional versions, US ($), EU (€) and UK (£). Each day, simply update your portfolio balance and $TOCKS BUDDY will keep a record of your daily progress while automatically updating your dashboard and chosen forecasts. $TOCKS BUDDY will only count actual trading days when recording your gains or losses thereby giving you your real performance per trading day in the dashboard. The tool allows you to enter investments added into or removed from your portfolio so you can accurately see when and where you invested or disinvested.


Define Local Non-Trading Days

Forecasts based on actual trading days only

$TOCKS BUDDY will only count actual trading days when recording your gains or losses thereby giving you your real performance based on trading days. Fully configurable, $TOCKS BUDDY lets you define public holidays/non-trading days for your country and will only increment the number of trading days in your portfolio taking into account the dates you exclude.


Visually Informing

View your progress over time

Easily graph your $tocks Buddy data as you progress. See your chart data expand as time passes.


We have tried to keep $TOCKS BUDDY as affordable as possible at less than 40p or 52 cents per week!


Order below, selecting the country version you prefer and we'll instantly you a link to download the local version for you. Priced in GBP (£) the equivalent currency costs are shown for your version. The product requires you to have Microsoft Excel installed on your desktop or mobile device. Use our current PROMO code 'NOW25' to get 25% off today.


Mobile and Desktop Versions

Choose your viewing and entry method

$TOCKS BUDDY works on PC's, iOS and Android devices subject to MS Excel being installed.


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